About Us

Herbal Extract Factory Tour:

The factory of Shaanxi MR Natural Products Co Ltd is located in Sanyuan County, Xianyang, Shaanxi. The factory covers an area of 15,000 square meters and has 4 complete extraction, concentration, column chromatography, and spray drying production lines.

Production capacity: annual processing of 2,000 tons of plant raw materials, production of 200 tons of standard extracts and ratio extracts.

Testing capability: The company’s laboratory is equipped with TLCHPLCUV, and microbiological testing rooms, which provide a guarantee for quality of all products.

The factory has passed ISO9001 system certification. For each product, we have developed a complete production procedure according to SOP. All employees must undergo training and examinations before they can operate on the production line. The entire production process is monitored and guided by the factory manager. Each step has production records and is traceable.

The general process of plant extract production:

Raw material cleaning and sieving→preparation of purified water for production→extraction→centrifugal separation→purification→concentration→spray drying→collecting spray-dried powder→mixing →packing→product storage→physical and chemical testing→Testing by UV /HPLC for active ingredient content→ heavy metal detection → pesticide residues and pesticide residues detection → microbial detection → bulk sample retention → qualified products waiting for sale

Below are some photos of production equipment for your reference.