Basic testing we run in our internal herbal extract laboratory

MR Natural owns independant herbal extract laboratory.

For every single batch herbal extract, we run regular testing in internal laboratory.

Including following items:

Herb Identification

Thin Layer chromatography(TLC)

Active Ingredients content

UV spectrophotometer(UV)

High performance liquid chromatography(HPLC)

Gas chromatography(GC)

Sieve Analysis

80/100 mesh screen

Loss on drying




Heavy Metal(Pb,As,Hg,Cd)

Atomic absorption spectrophotometer(AAS)


Total Plate Count

Yeast & Mold



Microbiological laboratory

For items customer requested or items we’re not able to test, we test in third party lab, such as Eurofin, SGS, PONY and other foreign lab.