The potential market of $50 billion: focus on raw materials for menopausal women’s health

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equol has the effect of improving bone density and increasing skin elasticity. This jelly contains 5mg equol, 2500mg collagen and 210mg calcium.

Menopause occurs mostly in women 45 years of age -55 or so years old, with the extension of human life, women will have 30 or more years of his life spent in after menopause. According to the UN World Health Organization estimates that by 2030 in the world there will be 12 women in menopause or post-menopause one hundred million, the global market for health care products for women of menopausal symptoms is expected in 2025 to more than 500 billion dollars, 2016-2025 compound annual growth rate 16.4%.

The number of menopausal women in China will exceed 210 million by 2030 , accounting for about 1/7 of the total population . As an important part of the ” her ” economic segmentation, China’s menopausal women account for a relatively large proportion, and the incidence of menopausal syndrome is also high. The market for menopausal health care raw materials and dietary supplements is steadily rising and has great development potential.

01 Basic Information of Female Menopause Syndrome

Female menopause refers to the transitional period from the gradual decline of reproductive function to complete loss of reproductive function, including three stages of premenopause, menopause and postmenopause. With the rapid decrease in the secretion of the female hormone estrogen, after the body’s hormone balance is disrupted, menstrual disorders, hot flashes (redness, slight fever), spots and wrinkles, heart palpitations, asthma, depression, insomnia, diarrhea, back pain, Various physical and mental symptoms such as osteoporosis, dizziness, and immune system disorders.

Japan HEALTHCARE ADVICERS conducted a survey of 400 women who had symptoms and troubles specific to menopause. The results showed that in terms of menopausal symptoms, 68.9% of the respondents said that they were “easy to fatigue” and 62.7% said that they were “sore shoulders, low back pain, and discomfort in hands and feet.” “, 50.8% said “sleep poorly, very light sleep”.

Classified by age, respondents between the ages of 51 and 55 will have physical problems such as “prone to sweating”, “face flushing”; respondents between the ages of 36 and 40 have “irritability, often irritable”, “smaller, easy There are more mental problems such as depression. At the same time, more than half of the respondents would choose to do nothing for these symptoms, 22.8% would consume dietary supplements, 17.3% would use Kampo medicine, and less than 10% would go to the hospital for treatment. It can be seen that most menopausal women are not aware of the need for health food or treatment to relieve menopausal syndrome.

02 to deal with functional materials menopausal syndrome

soy isoflavones, red clover, black cohosh is currently the three most healthy ingredients to deal with menopause, phytoestrogens as ingredients, they can bind estrogen receptors, effectively relieve menopause Symptoms and a long history of safe human use.

1. Soy isoflavones 

Soy isoflavones

Soy isoflavones are a kind of flavonoids, which are natural phytoestrogens extracted from soybeans. After women enter menopause, due to the lack of estrogen, the skin will have various problems such as long spots, sagging and dryness. Supplementing soy isoflavones can help balance estrogen in the body, improve skin problems, and make the skin more youthful; soy isoflavones While supplementing estrogen, it can also promote calcium synthesis and prevent menopausal osteoporosis; soy isoflavones can also promote protein synthesis, enhance the activity of biological factors, and effectively prevent breast cancer. Protect the ovaries.

2. Red clover extract

Red clover extract

Red clover is also a Chinese herbal medicine that can relieve symptoms of hot flashes and hormone fluctuations. According to a study from Aarhus University Hospital, if red clover is taken in fermented form, it can significantly reduce the number and severity of daily hot flashes, and can also prevent bone loss during menopause, and there is no side effect of traditional hormone therapy ( Increase the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease).

3. Black cohosh extract 

Black cohosh extract

Black cohosh is a kind of perennial wild flower native to the northeastern part of America. More than two centuries ago, Native Americans discovered that the roots of black cohosh can help relieve menstrual cramps and menopausal symptoms including hot flashes, restlessness, mood swings, and sleep disturbances. The main active ingredient of black cohosh is terpene glycosides, which can produce estrogen-like effects and regulate endocrine balance, thereby helping to relieve menopausal insomnia, hot flashes, back pain, and emotional out-of-control symptoms.

At least eight special test reports have shown that the use of black cohosh extract to improve the symptoms of menopausal women is safe and effective, and can significantly improve the various pain and depression of menopause in women. It is effective in treating rheumatism and joints caused by menopause. Inflammation and other diseases also have a good relieving effect, and it also has the effects of lowering blood pressure, inhibiting muscles to slow down the heart rate, antibacterial, and anti-cancer.

4. Equol

Equol structure

Equol is a metabolite excreted from soybean isoflavones after being digested and digested by intestinal bacteria. It is also called “super isoflavones”. It plays a role similar to estrogen in the body like soybean isoflavones. Improve menopausal symptoms and promote collagen production. The production rate of equol is ultimately related to the level of uric acid, triglycerides, blood sugar and bone density in the body. The latest research shows that equol is a direct contributor to improving female menopausal symptoms. According to research, only 20% of young women can convert isoflavones into equol, so direct supplementation of equol can achieve better results.

5. γ-Oryzanol (rice bran oil extract) 

Oryzanol is an odorless white crystalline powder, but it has a unique fragrance. It is mainly a combination of ferulic acid and phytosterol, which is extracted from grain oils such as rice bran oil and germ oil. Clinically, it is mainly used to regulate endocrine, improve plant spirit, and regulate neurasthenia. It has the functions of anti-oxidation, anti-aging, degrading liver lipids, degrading serum, reducing the probability of gallstone formation, and inhibiting cholesterol absorption. In addition, it can stabilize mood, reduce anxiety, tension, and improve sleep quality, so it is often used in the adjuvant treatment of premenstrual syndrome and menopausal syndrome.

6. Red pomegranate extract 

Red pomegranate extract

Pomegranate contains estrone, and it also contains estradiol, one of the powerful estrogens, which can maintain the hormones of female function, delay the decline of ovarian function, and increase the amount of estrogen. Studies have shown that red pomegranate extract can systematically improve various symptoms of menopausal women (face flushing, sweating, insomnia, depression, dizziness, fatigue, joint/muscle pain, headache, palpitation).

7. Maca extract

Maca extract

Maca itself does not contain estrogen. It regulates adrenal gland, pancreas, ovary and other functions through a variety of alkaloids and balances the hormone levels in the body. The rich taurine and protein can regulate and repair physiological functions. , Improve Qi and blood. Therefore, it can relieve menopausal syndrome without the various side effects of estrogen therapy. A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial using maca extract (“Maca extract powder BG1•2” from Latina) in Japan found that this ingredient can significantly reduce the symptoms of menopause in women. The subjects were 41 healthy women from 40 to 58 years old in Japan. Through stratified analysis, the researchers found that compared with the placebo group, their blood estrogen levels and sleep disturbances were significantly improved in the intake group.

8. Ashwagandha extract

Ashwagandha extract

Ashwagandha is rich in phytoestrogens, which can reduce the symptoms of menopause. It can increase the release of follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone in the anterior pituitary, and increase the weight of the uterus and ovaries. Better deal with stress.

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled human trial (Sendara™ by NutraGenesis LLC), it was found that Ashwagandha plays an important role in relieving stress, allergies, mood, fatigue, sleep and mental cognition.  

9. Fenugreek extract

Fenugreek extract

Fenugreek contains diosgenin and isoflavones similar to human estrogen, which can reduce the symptoms of menopause. The American Gencor company has proven through a large amount of clinical data that its standardized fenugreek extract Libifem helps reduce menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes and night sweats, and promote the overall healthy development of women.

10. Indian asparagus

Indian asparagus

Indian asparagus is an Ayurvedic adaptation of the original herb, usually used to promote female reproductive health. Relevant data shows that the active substances such as saponin, alkaloids and tannic acid contained in Indian asparagus extract can better promote the secretion of estrogen in women, increase body vitality, and help improve women’s menopausal symptoms, fertility, and normal menstruation. , Balance hormones, etc.

11. Royal jelly 

Royal jelly

Royal jelly has a significant preventive and therapeutic effect on menopausal syndrome. Royal jelly can promote tissue regeneration; delay the decline of endocrine glands and regulate endocrine functions. R•B•Willson, a biology professor at Cornell University in the United States, pointed out that royal jelly can relieve menopause when he reported on the various medical functions of royal jelly in the 1950s. Since then, there have been such reports in various countries. Japanese medical doctor Keiichi Morishita said that royal jelly is effective for menopausal syndrome.

12. Pueraria lobata extract 

Pueraria lobata extract

Pueraria lobata extract is mainly derived from the dried roots of pueraria lobata. It appears as a brown powder after refining. It contains a variety of flavonoids. Among them, puerarin is an effective ingredient, and the molecular structure of its rich isoflavones is consistent with that of women. The molecular structure of estrogen is very similar, and it is hailed as “phytoestrogens” by the medical world. Appropriate intake can actively adjust the human blood microcirculation, and play a role in freckle removal and anti-aging. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that regular consumption of Pueraria lobata root powder can regulate human body functions, improve the body’s disease resistance, and resist aging, especially for middle-aged women and menopausal women. 


Yam extract

Yam is a raw material for both medicine and food. It is usually used in Chinese medicine to improve the status of sex hormones, lipids and antioxidants in menopausal women. DOI, a naturally-occurring bioactive component of yam, can promote the biosynthesis of estradiol, promote the secretion of estradiol and progesterone, and increase bone density, which may alleviate the osteoporosis associated with menopause. 



Recently published a study report that after menopausal women take resveratrol supplements, their language, memory and overall cognitive abilities are far better than menopausal women taking placebo. 

In a randomized placebo-controlled trial, researchers recruited 80 menopausal female volunteers, who were between 45 and 85 years old. The results of the study show that resveratrol can increase CVR by 17% compared to placebo, while also significantly improving language, memory tasks and overall cognitive ability. Another study confirmed that resveratrol reduced the chronic pain of age-related osteoarthritis and improved the happiness of postmenopausal women. 

15.Black currant 

Black currant

Research has confirmed that blackcurrant extract has effects in improving lifestyle diseases, alleviating female menopausal disorders, and beauty. It has also been verified that the anthocyanins contained in blackcurrant have estrogen-like effects. The Hirosaki University research team believes that black currant not only contains anthocyanins, but may also have other unknown phytochemicals that can relieve menopausal symptoms. 

03 Related products apply

dietary supplements

1. Swisse soy isoflavone tablets

Swisse soy isoflavone tablets

Swisse Soy Isoflavone Tablets The main active ingredients are soy isoflavones, black cohosh extract, sage extract, calcium and vitamin D. Soy isoflavones can effectively relieve body heat and night sweats caused by women’s menopause; black cohosh has antibacterial, lower blood pressure, inhibits myocardium, slows heart rate, and calms; sage can strengthen the nervous system, relieve fever, promote digestion, etc.; Calcium can help women who have gone through menopause to maintain healthy bones and teeth. The vitamin D contained in this product can help the body absorb calcium more effectively.

2. Femmenessence Maca Pause

Femmenessence Maca Pause

Natural Health International’s product Femmenessence Maca Pause is a product for menopausal women. The key raw material is Maca-GO, which is a specific variety of Maca concentrated powder with high biological activity. It can relieve menopausal symptoms for women, such as sleep, hot flashes and night sweats, and it is also beneficial to the health of bones and brain. The results of clinical trials show that 84% of women have significantly reduced the symptoms of menopause after use.

3. Dr. AglyMax-S soy isoflavone supplement

Dr. AglyMax-S soy isoflavone supplement

added 30 mg of Aspergillus fermented soybean isoflavones (active) per 2 tablets, which can relieve menopausal syndrome, such as hot flashes, sweating, dizziness, headache, tinnitus, back pain, dry mouth, mental state Instability, blood pressure fluctuations and other symptoms caused by decreased estrogen.

4. AMC Equol Capsule

AMC Equol Capsule

products add equol from soybeans, which can not only improve the problems of menopausal women, but also help mature women’s comprehensive health maintenance. In addition, it also adds a patented ingredient “lactoic acid” “, has the ability to support the production of “equol” in the body.

5. Kikkoman Basic Dietary Supplement

Kikkoman Basic Dietary Supplement

Basic Dietary Supplement is a nutrient ingredient for improving the problems of women in their 40s and 50s during the special period. It can relieve menopausal women’s worries, restlessness, depression and other mental aspects Symptoms. Add Kikkoman’s unique “Kikkoman Isoflavones” to be more easily absorbed. It is also combined with polyphenols extracted from high-quality grapes to help delay aging. In addition, it also adds “vitamin D3” to help calcium absorption, and “folic acid” to help cell production and reproduction, providing nutrients needed by women in the 40s and 50s ingredient.

Functional food
1. Yoha isoflavone jelly.

Yoha isoflavone jelly

In addition to soy isoflavones, this jelly also contains pomegranate fruit extract and other beneficial ingredients for women to support the beauty and health of adult women. Take two tablets a day to get 25 mg of active isoflavones.

2. FANCL germinated rice

FANCL germinated rice

The germinated brown rice produced in Hokkaido, Japan is richer in vitamin B1, magnesium, GABA and γ-oryzanol than white rice, which makes each meal more balanced and rich in nutrition, especially suitable for menopausal women. GABA is a non-protein amino acid and an important inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system of mammals. It has the functions of lowering blood pressure, regulating heart rhythm, anticonvulsant, anti-anxiety and strengthening memory. Oryzanol is a rare component in rice bran. It can inhibit the absorption of cholesterol, improve endocrine, and improve menopausal disorders.

3. Otsuka Pharmaceutical EQUELLE equol jelly

Otsuka Pharmaceutical EQUELLE equol jelly

Equol has the effect of improving bone density and increasing skin elasticity. This jelly contains 5mg equol, 2500mg collagen and 210mg calcium.

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